Zoo Animal Anaesthesia September 2019

Specialist CPD

We have two expert speakers for this two day zoo animal anaesthesia CPD course.

Large mammal anaesthesia will be covered including carnivores, megavertebrates.  Zoo birds and reptiles will be discussed on the second day.

£595 for 12 hours CPD.

Please contact us for more information or to book a place chapmanzooconsultancy@gmail.com.

Modern Zoo Animal Health Management 2019


5th and 6th June 2019

Millers Hotel, Sibson, Nuneaton, CV13 6LB

This course was a development of our previous zoo management courses

Following feedback from delegates, we chose certain topics to explore in more detail.

Record Keeping, ZIMS, Animal Transfers

Our invited speaker, Zak Showell explained and demonstrated the use of ZIMS.  He also went through the process of animal moves both nationally and internationally.

Emergency Procedures and Darting

We collaborated with Bob Lawrence, Wildpharm, on the use of dart equipment and decision making in emergency situations.

Additional topics covered....

Preventative health, legislation, case studies and welfare!

Primate Health Management December 2018

Live demonstrations!


Smiling delegates!


Practical tips!


We ran our first specialist topic CPD on primates in December 2018.  We had 18 vets and nurses attend and we covered a variety of topics including preventative health, surgery and anaesthesia.


Delegate feedback: Really enjoyed the case studies; relaxed approach; very good and clearly presented; a lot of information was covered given the time allocated which was very impressive!

Joint American and European Zoo and Wildlife Vet Meeting

AAZV/EAZWV Prague October 2018

600 delegates met fo this week long conference!

A proactive approach to improving the welfare of ageing zoo animals

Sarah gave a presentation on this important topic and highlighted how many clinical conditions can be present without outward clinical signs.

Clinical and research updates

There was a good variety of clinical cases, morbidity and mortality reviews and research papers presented.

Zoonotic Disease Training, Knowsley Safari Park, Sept 2018

80 staff trained over two days!


Staff from all departments came for training sesions which covered common zoootic diseases and how to prevent infection!


Bespoke Zoo Vet 1-2-1 CPD


The role of a zoo vet

We delivered a full day of teaching on the role of being a vet in a zoo.  This CPD was specifically created for our delegate who had 1-2-1 training.

Delegate feedback

"Thanks so much for a fantastic, hugely informative and fun day of CPD-best CPD I’ve ever attended! The time just flew by, and I left inspired and motivated and with so much more understanding of the role! Can’t recommend them highly enough!"

Subjects covered

Animal welfare, ethics, role of zoos, legislation, preventative and clinical care, emergency procedures and animal transfers.

Would you or your team like some bespoke CPD?

May 2018

Zoo Management CPD

This two day CPD course was open to zoo professionals including vets and nurses in general practice who provide veterinary cover for zoos, farm parks or colleges. It was held at the Best Western Park Hotel Appleby Magna.

Subjects covered

Lectures and interactive methods were used to cover subjects such as legislation, preventative medicine and clinical care. Examples were used to demonstrate the approach and management of zoo cases.

Delegate feedback

"Excellent lectures, very well presented in a relaxed setting."


"Nice relaxed course, you are both very helpful and approachable."


"Thank you both for an enjoyable and educational two days."

"Really good value for money."

PALS Exotic Animal Conference May 2018


Improving confidence

Sarah spoke at this CPD event outlining how veterinary professionals can use their basic principles to approach exotic cases.


Handling techniques

Bird and reptile handling was demonstrated by the highly skilled and experienced Matt Rendle RVN.


Competition time!

The lecture finished with an interactive quiz - prizes were given by VetArk!  The importance of team work was highlighted!

November 2nd and 3rd 2017

Munster Zoo

Caring for elderly wild animals

This seminar integrated work from several fields, including ethology, veterinary hospice and palliative care, animal ethics, environmental enrichment, animal training, nutrition and exhibit/indoor housing.  

This workshop was a collaboration between Animal Concepts and Chapman Zoo Consultancy.

Abington Park Referrals CPD

June 2017

We provided a bespoke CPD course for the veterinary team at Abington Park Referrals.

Clinical Approach to the Exotic Patient

Subjects included husbandy, handling, history taking, clinical examination, basic diagnostics, treatment and emergency care of birds and reptiles.

Delegates left with more confidence in dealing with exotic patients.

May 24-25th 2017

Modern Zoo Animal Health Management

This was a two day lecture based CPD course designed for vets in general practice who work for small zoos or colleges.

We had twelve delegates - both vets and nurses - who work for a variety of types of zoos.  These included small farm parks and also larger safari parks and zoos.

The lectures were based around all aspects of a vets role within a zoo but focused on the importance of animal welfare and preventative medicine.  Each session had case examples incorporated and there was also a scenario based workshop around the subject of emergency procedures.

The feedback was excellent and we really enjoyed delivering this CPD!

RVC January 2017

January 21st 2017

Royal Veterinary College Zoological Symposium

Sarah enjoyed speaking on subjects including elderly zoo animal care, the importance of positive reinforcement training for veterinary care of zoo animals and clinical approaches to zoo animal cases.  There were also some great practical sessions including exotic/zoo radiography and blood sampling techniques.

Moulton College February 2017


Dormouse Conservation

Julian was invited to speak to the students about the work that goes into conservation of the Common Dormouse in the UK.


Discussion session

The students were especially interested in how dormice were paired up for captive breeding prior to release and how the monitoring continues.


A zoo vets role in in-situ primate conservation

Sarah spoke about how vets can get involved in primate conservation in the field and how students can have an impact to help these endangered species.  Poaching of whole families of primates still continues with the babies being sold as pets.