Future Events

November 2nd and 3rd 2017

Munster Zoo

Caring for elderly wild animals

This seminar will integrate work from several fields, including ethology, veterinary hospice and palliative care, animal ethics, environmental enrichment, animal training, nutrition and exhibit/indoor housing.  

This workshop is a collaboration between Animal Concepts and Chapman Zoo Consultancy.

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Abington Park Referrals CPD

June 2017

We provided a bespoke CPD course for the veterinary team at Abington Park Referrals.

Clinical Approach to the Exotic Patient

Subjects included husbandy, handling, history taking, clinical examination, basic diagnostics, treatment and emergency care of birds and reptiles.

Delegates left with more confidence in dealing with exotic patients.

May 24-25th 2017

Modern Zoo Animal Health Management

This was a two day lecture based CPD course designed for vets in general practice who work for small zoos or colleges.

We had twelve delegates - both vets and nurses - who work for a variety of types of zoos.  These included small farm parks and also larger safari parks and zoos.

The lectures were based around all aspects of a vets role within a zoo but focused on the importance of animal welfare and preventative medicine.  Each session had case examples incorporated and there was also a scenario based workshop around the subject of emergency procedures.

The feedback was excellent and we really enjoyed delivering this CPD!

RVC January 2017

January 21st 2017

Royal Veterinary College Zoological Symposium

Sarah enjoyed speaking on subjects including elderly zoo animal care, the importance of positive reinforcement training for veterinary care of zoo animals and clinical approaches to zoo animal cases.  There were also some great practical sessions including exotic/zoo radiography and blood sampling techniques.

Moulton College February 2017

Dormouse Conservation

Julian was invited to speak to the students about the work that goes into conservation of the Common Dormouse in the UK.

Discussion session

The students were especially interested in how dormice were paired up for captive breeding prior to release and how the monitoring continues.

A zoo vets role in in-situ primate conservation

Sarah spoke about how vets can get involved in primate conservation in the field and how students can have an impact to help these endangered species.  Poaching of whole families of primates still continues with the babies being sold as pets.